20 October 2010

Hallowe'en dilemma

Every year the same thing. I want to have an great costume for the 31st, but I'm not an ideas girl. It should be something clever, something iconic, and possible to pull off without draining the pockets.

So I never really think of something good, and in the end I throw together something obscure and/or boring from mostly what I have already in my closet.

This year will probably be no different, but at least I have two (two!) ideas already (already!) (This only seems amazing because I usually have none until the 30th, when someone else suggests something doable.)

So please help me decide-

choice 1: BIBA girl.
pros: I already have most to all of the materials necessary, it's historical and fashionable, and really I just secretly wish I had as much style as these ladies. it's also a good excuse to wear over-the-top makeup- to be honest, that's my number one goal halloween night. (BIBA is a boutique popular in London in the 60s, based on a bohemian/flapper aesthetic.)
cons: it requires explanation/ no one will know what I am, and it's too costumey for everyday life, but not quite extravagant enough for a halloween party. does it count if I do a zombie version?

Biba logo

Kate Moss as a Biba girl, thanks to my makeup artist idol Kevyn Aucoin

choice 2: día de los muertos sugar skull thing
cons: the name doesn't really roll off the tongue, how to describe it? I would have to buy makeup, and really the makeup is the only part I'm sure about, since I don't know what I would wear clothing-wise. a mexican peasant dress (of which I have two) seems boring. oh and the makeup would slide off my face over the course of the night.
pros: it has extravagant makeup (though it takes forever to apply), it's seasonally appropriate, it's iconic and cultural.

a very Mexican design for a "sugar skull" (yes the photo is from iStock apparently, I just swiped it from google images.)

this illustration by janice found at http://suzuwars.tumblr.com/post/303931061

cool old-timey version

can you tell which I would prefer? I'm just a sucker for costumes that I think will make me come across as elegant, for which cause I sacrifice all of the good qualities of halloween- creepiness factor, recognizability, looking crazy, etc.

bonus: Twiggy in Biba, and more makeup inspiration for this idea... to come soon.

some día de los muertos images from here http://www.tincan.tv/features/lifestyle/362/el-dia-de-los-muertos
and most of my Biba girl info and inspiration from this lovely blogger http://nothing-elegant.blogspot.com

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