08 November 2013


Screen shots from Rusalochka (Русалочка) with Viktoriya Novikova, a weasly prince, and the sorceress providing inspiration for Nicki Minaj or something. This old film was a delight to watch. By the way, when she asks "want me to count?" she is responding to the question "how many sailors have you killed?" because someone has figured out that she is a mermaid/siren. And another aside-- I love the papier-mâché mask in the shot of the townspeople. It reminds me of the lists of "extra creepy" old-fashioned halloween costumes that were going around last week and how I mostly prefer those old-timey creative getups to the overwrought pop culture references or puns that make the rounds these days. (I've always had a hard time with halloween.)

01 March 2013


Been going through old screenshots and things on my computer; I'm trying to do some spring cleaning in preparation for getting a new machine. Or at least having this beloved old one fixed so it will run faster. I ran across stills from the movie Impromptu, with Judy Davis and Hugh Grant and Bernadette Peters and Emma Thompson (1991). Great film. Wish I had time to watch it again right now, or to research more about the fascinating historical character of George Sand. Instead I'll just listen to Chopin while I throw these pictures up on the internets and then delete them from my hard drive.

I'm not putting these pictures in any other order. They are neither chronological in the film nor thematically organized, but I like the effect they have in this accidental order, so I'm out.

27 March 2012

Brother's Keeper

Watched this super fantastic documentary last week. Posted a lot of words about it on my other blog, along with some pictures, but here are some more screen caps that were less relevant to my post over there:

I got no more words to say about this, just know that Brother's Keeper is worth the watch if you get a chance to see it.

08 March 2012

Versace Spring Summer 2012

I'm always way behind on these fashion week things, especially since I choose not to care about seasons that aren't happening right now... but for right this second here's a nice Spring/Summer piece. Not exactly like what I want to wear, but I love how the details accentuate the waist and create an illusion of increased slimness there.

photo from Style.com

17 January 2012

another blogging adventure

hello fair friends,

I'm working on a new blog at the moment-- it will consist mainly of my preparations for more research in Ecuador this summer and you can find it here. It will be more writing-based than this blog has been, no pressure to read all of the word-things that I post there, but it will also (hopefully) contain some interesting linguistic and cultural ideas as well, so feel free to follow me there if you're curious about my rainforest adventures from last summer and what I'll be planning to do this summer as well.

and here's a picture of me painted as an "urku warmi," since that's what this blog is all about.

18 November 2011

Henry Darger

fascinating art pictures by this guy. There's a great documentary, In the Realms of the Unreal, about his life and work. photo source

01 November 2011

Aswata Upiuni, Tyam!

Just found this picture of myself drinking aswa from the summer. As the cold weather closes in I wish I were back in the rainforest more and more. Hopefully I will get a chance to do more research next summer!

Aswa, by the way, is the Lowland Quechua word for what is also commonly called chicha or manioc beer. It's the staple in Runa culture and is made from mashed up manioc (aka yuca, cassava, lumu) that has been mildly fermented. Tastes kind of like kombucha. Is also incredibly filling, which makes drinking lots as a sign of appreciation for the host more difficult.

picture taken by my fellow linguist Kevin