03 February 2011

ألْعَرَبيَّة صَعْب (Arabic is hard.)

This is what I sound like when I'm speaking Arabic:
"wuh shumps kubeerra, shughalishit, andee itlem, mooshkeeluh, il humdu lillah... ahna mish mumpkin" etc...
(it's gibberish in Arabic too.)

In contrast, Arabic script and I are getting along famously.

I'm no expert yet, but now I know the whole alphabet and it's so much fun! I feel that my left-handedness and my habit of writing in cursive have both prepared me for this task. In fact I have been looking forward to really learning this beautiful language for years. My first attempt at Arabic script is still one of my fondest creations from high school art classes.

In any case, I'm in love. here are some images of real Arabic calligraphy in different styles.



main source


  1. Your arabic looks beautiful. I love your penmanship in general. This takes it to a new level.

  2. pretty! I am so excited I found your blog. Are you still in Provo?

  3. oh, thanks! I'm here in Provo for a while, planning to take some more Arabic courses along the way to graduation...

  4. It is a beautifully written language.

    I think you are just pronouncing Arabic so you can throw in a few cursewords and see if anyone notices.

    Do you remember the Simpsons episode when Bart was coming home from Sunday school and kept saying, "hell, damn, ass?" All words from the bible. I'm not cursing, just quoting...the bible.