08 November 2013


Screen shots from Rusalochka (Русалочка) with Viktoriya Novikova, a weasly prince, and the sorceress providing inspiration for Nicki Minaj or something. This old film was a delight to watch. By the way, when she asks "want me to count?" she is responding to the question "how many sailors have you killed?" because someone has figured out that she is a mermaid/siren. And another aside-- I love the papier-mâché mask in the shot of the townspeople. It reminds me of the lists of "extra creepy" old-fashioned halloween costumes that were going around last week and how I mostly prefer those old-timey creative getups to the overwrought pop culture references or puns that make the rounds these days. (I've always had a hard time with halloween.)

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