07 November 2010

bleached brows

I have a problem; I'm limiting myself. If you've ever flipped through Vogue with a coed group and pointed out all of the attractive models, there tends to be a stark difference between the chosen favorites-- and the demarcation of opinion usually falls right down the line of gender. To me, this illustrates a difference between what girls find interesting and attractive in each other and what boys see as alluring or repellent.

I see myself as adventurous and possessing many non-gender-specific interests and hobbies (riding bikes, playing outdoors, books, movies, music, etc). However, I believe my decision to wear skirts and dresses about 90% of the time may be holding me back in the realm of making new (straight) male friends. Not to mention attracting suitors.
Add to that my continually increasing obsessions with Marie Antoinette, ballet, French, and other objectionable feminine habits such as wearing 2-4 varying outfits per day, and you can see why I'm concerned that I may come across as too much of a princess.

My solution, however, is to take this (potential) weakness and run with it. Instead of trying to focus more on all of my attributes and concern myself with attracting boys, I'll just continue to narrow their scope. I'm aiming to be the girl who walks into the room and all of the other girls wonder, "why is she still single?" while none of the boys are surprised in the least.

My next step in this process is to experiment with bleached eyebrows. This is an attempt to embrace ethereal beauty and repel as many dating prospects as possible at the same time. So here are some of my inspirations: Lara Stone for Prada, Alexander Wang with some lovely models, and a Gucci ad, all from the November 2010 issue of Vogue.
Oh and a BIBA girl for good measure.

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  1. heh. Tell them you eat ants, too.

    I like to think of your personality being many layered. Surprises and pleasures for those who are there to explore the deeper Rose.

    Am I biased?