22 November 2010

reino de españa

the combination of bleaching my brows and taking vitamins to make my hair grow faster means doing touch-ups every few days. however, since the bleach is cheap and the process takes only a few minutes, this is no bother. also, for the record, if you're looking to grow your hair out quickly, I do recommend taking Biotin, I have seen a noticeable difference in my hair's strength as well as growing speed. as for the fact that this doesn't only apply to the hair growing on my scalp... I suppose there is always a cost for something so effective.

in other news, I'm in spain, but only for the weekend. what a charmed life I lead. I have no pictures of spain yet, but I will share a couple of the kittens that were born at my house the other weekend: what we first thought was only 3 babies magically turned into 5 after the mother hid under the bed for a few days.. now the kitties are growing bigger by the minute and have opened their eyes. I'm kind of sad to be leaving them for a week because I will miss all of that time watching them grow.

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