26 December 2010

The Red Shoes

the Winter break is always so deliciously lazy, I haven't been up to much except watching movies and reading books, and of course playing with the family and cuddling with the cats.

One of my new favorites is The Red Shoes. Not only full of ballet inspiration, the movie also has that charming color-saturated Technicolor look and lots of makeup inspiration too. It will probably take me hours of practice to figure out how to reproduce the stage makeup... but that's what all of this free time is for right?

And I would highly recommend The Red Shoes for its merit as a movie too. The story was well worth it, and Moira Shearer is charming as a red-headed ballerina- something you don't see every day.

The distress caused by the shoes that won't stop dancing...

Ribbon in the hair, stripes, and a little bit of attitude in her rehearsal outfit too. Girl crush.

Some extra makeup shots


  1. she reminds me of Lucille Ball. The lips. Lovely.

  2. This was my first criterion blu ray. I like this movie