29 March 2011


time to revisit an old obsession. unfortunately I didn't record the sources on these when I first tucked them away into my inspiration folder; the first is of Diaghilev,*Russian critic, patron, ballet impresario and founder of the Ballets Russes, then the famous Anna Pavlova, a Russian Prima Ballerina from the turn of the century, followed by Ulyana Lopatkina, who dances today for the Kirov.

*Edit: I put first that Diaghilev was a French composer, huge oversight on my part. I have an album labeled "Diaghilev ballets" on my computer, but now that I'm looking more closely at it it's very clear that the songs on it are composed by Stravinsky, Chopin, Satie, and others even though Diaghilev is listed as the Artist in iTunes. Thanks Catey, for correcting me on this! Glad I know a little more now.


  1. look at me actually commenting for once. love it all. also, have you seen those freaky naked ballerina pictures? they aren't sexy, they are very strange. also do you like that i used the word freaky?

  2. that last photo is so black swan.

  3. well it is technically from Swan Lake. I was obsessed before the movie though! (as if that makes my love for it more meaningful)