12 December 2010


procrastination is a disease. just when I thought I was getting somewhere on this paper, carolers from church trying to pull off a complex a cappella harmony drop by to share guilt-laden christmas treats. this of course set off a series of distractions of my own choosing to follow up the uninvited interruption. this will not end well.

eventually I am led by my lack of motivation and willpower to a new low. the internet is so pervasive and effective in insinuating itself into my mind that once I thought of it I couldn't resist looking up pictures of my namesakes to share with you.

I do love my name, but especially when someone pronounces it "roseanne" [ɹouzæn] instead of "roseannA," [ɹozænə] this lady comes to mind:

and if I think of her, the other famous lady who shares my name is lurking somewhere in my subconscious as well...

all of this increases the shame associated with irresistible free christmas-themed desserts, unfortunately. and this is also when Ritalin finally starts to sound like a reasonable solution. as terrible as it is to take such drugs, wouldn't it solve my problem of not being able to focus? I know the real solution is that I just need to have some self control, but I can't seem to find it in myself. cue the spiral of regret and self-loathing that is bound to accompany stress over major papers and projects when I inevitably fail to do the work in the proper time frame...


  1. You forgot Gilda Radner, the best Roseanne Roseanna Danna.
    you like Rozeann better than RoseannA?
    Funny, Roseanne Barr was just a new celebrity on the scene when we named you. I thought, "oh dear, I don't want my little girl saddled with the comparison in her life, but this Roseanne is just a passing thing." Hah. I was wrong. good thing you don't think of it as a burden!

    and I totally want ritalin! I don't know if I could have graduated with the temptation of the world wide web. or facebook.
    (Of course, you were named after the Chris DeBurgh song, "Roseanna." And my Aunt Anne.

  2. I was trying to say that it's a negative association not a positive one... I like the final syllable of my name.
    and luckily, she did have only a passing fame. I just remember her because we have similar names.