01 May 2011

lo más guapo del mundo

Screen Captures from Who's That Knocking at My Door, also known as J.R. or I Call First

I put this movie in my netflix queue mostly because I wanted to watch the debut of a young and handsome Harvey Keitel. And it is in part a beautiful portrait of him and a beautiful film overall, but as I watched it I discovered so much more.

New York City, catholicism, feminism, sexuality and violence come together in this kind of experimental film from early in Martin Scorsese's career (his first feature). I think it's doubly interesting to watch because you can see Scorsese's love of cinema, of Fellini and Bergman, as well as his lack of experience at making movies. It has a rookie charm about it to me which makes it all the more truthful and raw than anything that an older and wiser director could have produced. I'm in love.

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