08 May 2011

my dear hometown

"Where are you from?" is a surprisingly difficult question for me to answer, having grown up in a fair number of places since my dad was a C-130 pilot for the Air Force.

One possible answer is the town where I was born. I've never really lived there and I don't usually claim Utah as any kind of home, probably since I narcissistically like to think of myself as more cosmopolitan than that, but I was encouraged to get in touch with my 'true' roots recently by a friend taking advantage of my embarrassment. He claimed that the place where I was born is my true hometown, despite my lack of experience actually living there. So, ladies and gentlemen, here's a picture of Ogden, Utah from 1874 that I lifted from Wikipedia. This is my appreciation of my roots.

(And for the record I've lived in Georgia for longer than anywhere else in my life, so I still claim the South as more of a true home.)

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  1. the first step is acceptance. felicidades (the next step is rage)